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MLL Plum Blossom Coupling with Brake Wheel-Plum Blossom Coupling

Author: Jiangsu Ever Power 发布日期:2019/7/12 11:18:25


     梅花联轴器主要适用于起动频繁、正反转、中高速、中等扭矩和要求高可靠性的工作场合,例如:冶金、矿山、石油、化工、起重、运输、轻工、纺织、水泵、风机等。工作环境温度 -35℃~+80℃,传递公称扭矩25~12500Nm,许用转速1500~15300r/min。

  ML series quincunx elastic coupling is mainly composed of two protruding teeth that are closely meshed and subjected to radial compression to transmit torque. When the two axes are relatively offset, the elastic element undergoes corresponding elastic deformation and plays a role of automatic compensation.