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NL Type Nylon Sleeve Coupling-Nylon Sleeve Coupling

Author: Jiangsu Ever Power 发布日期:2019/7/12 11:31:32

NL nylon gear coupling description: NL nylon inner gear ring drum gear coupling

The internal gear coupling is used for rotation transmission between shafts, allowing a complete set of shafts and radial displacement. The internal gear coupling produced by our factory has precise design, simple structure, easy disassembly and assembly, convenient operation and maintenance Simple, long life, low noise, low cost, low transmission power loss and many other advantages.The elastic coupling shaft hole types are cylindrical (Y) and short cylindrical (J).The coupling keyway is processed in accordance with the standard GB 20-70 (coupling shaft hole and keyway type size).The working temperature of this internal gear coupling is -20°—40°C.The coupling material adopts cast iron HT66-XNUMX precision casting and reinforced injection nylon (nylon XNUMX), etc., which are processed by industry.This product is widely used in the transmission of machinery in such industries as forging, construction, mining, plastics, food, engineering, petroleum, chemical, machine tools, ships, leather, textiles, fans, and water pumps.The use effect of the internal tooth elastic coupling is obviously better than couplings of other structures.