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Flange coupling

Author: Jiangsu Ever Power 发布日期:2019/7/12 10:54:52

Flange couplings have been well received by customers since they were produced and have excellent quality. Flange couplings are rigid couplings. Two flanged half couplings are connected to the two shafts with ordinary flat keys. Connect the two half couplings together with bolts to transmit movement and torque.There are two main structural forms of this coupling:

①Relying on reamed holes and bolts to realize the two-axis centering and relying on the bolt rod to bear extrusion and shear to transmit torque;

②It is centered by matching the convex shoulder on one half coupling with the groove on the other half coupling.The bolts connecting the two half-couplings can be used with ordinary B-grade bolts, and the torque is transmitted by the frictional moment of the joint surface of the two half-couplings.

The material of the flange coupling can be gray cast iron or carbon steel, and cast steel or forged steel should be used under heavy load or when the peripheral speed is greater than 30 m/s.Flange couplings have high requirements for the neutrality of the two shafts. When the two shafts have relative displacement, they will cause additional loads in the machine parts and worsen the working conditions. This is its main disadvantage.However, due to the simple structure, low cost, and large torque transmission, when the speed is low, there is no impact, and the rigidity of the shaft is large.