China OEM 6W3988 Excavator Coupling Series Flexible Pumps 6W-1451 215c 4hg Engine Spare Parts gear coupling

Product Description

6W3988 Excavator Coupling Series Flexible Pumps 6W-1451 215C 4HG Engine Spare Parts 

Basic information:


Model:215C 4HG

Used on:Excavator, Air Compressor, Marine Machine

Packing: Plastic Bag, Carton

Coupling Type: Coupling Inserts

Material: Rubber, Iron

Payment Methods: Bank Transfer, Western Union, Money Gram, Credit

Coupling Structure: Helical Coupling

Supply Ability: 3000PCS Per Week

After-sales Service: Online Support

Color:As Required


Product show as below:

Procucts information:

Pos. Part No Qty Parts name Comments
1. 6A-6492 [1] COVER-FINAL DRIVE  
2. 5C-1834 [1] GEAR (13 TEETH)  
3. 8B-4967 [1] SEAL-O-RING  
4. 6A-6491 [1] HOUSING AS  
5. 1A-3284 [2] DOWEL  
6. 2H-0929 [1] CUP-ROLLER BEARING  
7. 2H- 0571 [1] CONE-ROLLER BEARING  
8. 5C-5937 [1] GEAR (53 TEETH)  
9. 9S-3581 [2] CUP-ROLLER BEARING  
10. 9S-3582 [2] CONE-ROLLER BEARING  
11. 5C-8583 [1] GEAR-RING (49 TEETH)  
12. 8V-4734 C [1] SPROCKET AS  
  2H-1190 [1] PIN-DOWEL (DOWEL)  
13. 5P-2545 [1] SEAL-O-RING  
14. 5C-8587 [1] COVER  
15. 2P-1373 [1] CUP-ROLLER BEARING  
16. 5K-5288 R [1] SEAL GP-DUO-CONE  
  5K-5129 [2] RING-SEALING  
17. 6A-7534 [1] RETAINER  
  6A-7535 [1] SHIM-PACK  
18. 6C-571 [1] CARRIER AS  
  2D-0604 [1] BUTTON  
19. 2K-571 [1] BOLT (1 1/4-12X3.5IN)  
20. 4K-0684 [1] WASHER-HARD (6MM THK)  
21. 5P-8248 [24] WASHER-HARD (3.5MM THK)  
22. 8V-4735 C [1] RING-SEAL  
23. 6V-6640 B   SEALANT  
24. 5H-8624 [1] SEAL-O-RING  
25. 7D-9766 [1] BOLT  
  8K-8517 [1] WASHER  
26. 2K-2939 C [1] SEAL-O-RING  
27. 2P-1374 [1] CONE-ROLLER BEARING  
28. 5C-8585 [1] RING-LOCK  
29. 5C-9120 [6] WASHER (STEEL)  
  5C-9119 [6] WASHER (BRONZE)  
30. 1A- 0571 [12] BOLT (3/4-10X1.75IN)  
31. 6A-7528 [1] SHIM-PACK (INCL 21 SHIMS)  
32. 5C-8584 [3] GEAR-PLANETARY (17 TEETH)  
33. 6V-4593 [3] BEARING AS-SPECIAL  
34. 2A-1538 [12] BOLT (3/4-10X2.25IN)  
35. 5C-8582 [3] SHAFT-PLANETARY  
36. 9K-1171 [1] CUP-ROLLER BEARING  
37. 8D-2256 [1] CONE-ROLLER BEARING  
38. 5C-8967 [1] GEAR (52 TEETH)  
39. 5C-8586 [1] GEAR (74 TEETH)  
40. 6A-4498 [1] SHIM-PACK (INCL 21 SHIMS)  
41. 0S-1585 [5] BOLT (1/2-13X1.5IN)  
42. 5P-8245 [21] WASHER (3MM THK)  
43. 8S-9152 [2] CONE-ROLLER BEARING  
44. 6A-4497 [1] CAGE-BEARING  
45. 6A-7536 [1] PLUG AS  
  2D-0604 [1] BUTTON  
46. 5M-7423 [1] SEAL-O-RING  
47. 8S-9151 [2] CUP-ROLLER BEARING  
48. 8F-9516 [1] SEAL-O-RING (139.29MM ID)  
49. 6A-4495 [1] SHIM-PACK (INCL 21 SHIMS)  
50. 1A-2571 [5] BOLT (3/8-16X1.125IN)  
  5M-2894 [5] WASHER (2.5MM THK)  
51. 6A-4493 [1] CAGE-BEARING  
52. 5C-8966 [1] GEAR (14 TEETH)  
53. 1H-7339 [1] SEAL-O-RING  
54. 3B-5790 [1] CUP-ROLLER BEARING  
55. 6V-2323 [1] CONE-ROLLER BEARING  
56. 5C-0862 [1] CAGE-BEARING  
57. 2H-4145 [1] SEAL-O-RING  
58. 6A-4492 [1] SHIM-PACK (INCL 21 SHIMS)  
59. 0S-1587 [16] BOLT (1/2-13X1.75IN)  
60. 3B-571 [2] PLUG-PIPE  
61. 2B-7556 [2] CORK  
  2B-7557 [2] CORK  

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flange coupling

Selection of Gear Couplings for Specific Applications

Choosing the appropriate gear coupling for a specific application involves considering several factors to ensure optimal performance and reliability. Here are the key steps in the selection process:

  1. Identify Application Requirements: Understand the specific requirements of the application, including the torque and speed requirements, operating conditions, and the amount of angular and axial misalignment expected in the system.
  2. Calculate Torque and Speed: Determine the required torque and speed ratings for the gear coupling based on the power transmission needs of the application. Consider both peak and continuous torque requirements.
  3. Consider Misalignment: Evaluate the amount and type of misalignment that the gear coupling needs to accommodate. Different gear coupling designs have varying degrees of misalignment capabilities, so it’s essential to choose one that can handle the expected misalignment in the system.
  4. Check Space Constraints: Consider the available space for installing the gear coupling. Some applications may have limited space, requiring compact or specially designed couplings to fit properly.
  5. Assess Environmental Conditions: Determine if the application involves exposure to extreme temperatures, corrosive substances, or other harsh environmental factors. Select a gear coupling made from materials that can withstand the specific environmental conditions.
  6. Consider Maintenance Requirements: Evaluate the maintenance needs of the gear coupling. Some designs may require more frequent maintenance than others. For applications where regular maintenance is challenging, consider maintenance-free gear coupling options.
  7. Check Industry Standards and Certifications: Ensure that the selected gear coupling meets relevant industry standards and certifications to guarantee quality and safety.
  8. Consult with Experts: If needed, seek guidance from coupling manufacturers or engineering experts who can provide valuable insights and recommendations based on their experience and expertise.

By carefully considering these factors and understanding the specific demands of the application, you can select the most suitable gear coupling that will provide reliable and efficient power transmission while minimizing the risk of premature failure or downtime.

China OEM 6W3988 Excavator Coupling Series Flexible Pumps 6W-1451 215c 4hg Engine Spare Parts  gear couplingChina OEM 6W3988 Excavator Coupling Series Flexible Pumps 6W-1451 215c 4hg Engine Spare Parts  gear coupling
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